NOTE: Try spamming your right click after throwing the boombox to create more than one sound wave - you can create multiple waves from a single boombox- might help make things easier :3


Boy & Boombox


  1. A/D -Movement
  2. Space - Jump
  3. Left Mouse Button - Throw boombox
  4. Right Mouse Button -  (After you throw the boombox) Create a soundwave which can be used as a platform and also can be used to destroy the falling robots.


Boy and Boombox is a platformer made for the BYOG 2022 Game Jam. Play as the BOY who uses the powers gifted to him by his Boombox to traverse a neon lit night sky and destroy invading robots.

All of the assets were created during the period of the Jam and was made in the GDevelop Engine.

External Assets Used:

  • Main Theme - Sunset Rider by FASSounds
  • Jump Beat - Free Drumloop by WaveplaySFX


The game is mainly focused around a "literal" interpretation of the theme: "That does sound like me" as well as with hints of the theme "That makes sense" in a more sarcastic tone.

Thanks for playing my game! Cheers :3

PS: Might have to reload the browser for the sounds to work properly....or there is a downloadable version you can try too!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withPixiJS
Tagsbyog-2022, Cyberpunk, Neon


Download 87 MB


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Really loved the art style and music good gameplay as well

nICE gaME IDEA AND MUSIC, I SPAMMED LEFT AND RIGHT mouse click and cleared the level just in not time XD

Love the aesthetic and game idea! The music fits perfectly.
The colour scheme and art is really wonderful.

The only complaint is that it is a steep learning curve, but fun to play if you can work it out.